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Steam Locomotives of the Atlantic Coast Line (ACL)[Inhalt]
Atlantic Coast Line class R-1
United States | 1938 | 12 produced

In 1938, the Atlantic Coast Line had Baldwin build twelve 4-8-4 Class R-1 locomotives, also known as Class 1800 because of their numbers, for express train service between Richmond, Virginia and Jacksonville, Florida. Their design was considered very successful and the boiler in particular exceeded many expectations. They pulled 1,500-ton trains of 20 cars and were even able to accelerate them significantly faster than the manufacturer had initially calculated.

Of note, the direct heating area of the actual firebox was increased from 272 square feet to 568 square feet  using a combustion chamber and thermic syphons. The back pressure of the cylinders was also very low, especially in the upper speed range, and allowed greater power output. The only known problem concerned the mass balancing, which was initially calculated incorrectly by Baldwin and still had to be improved.

After the adjustments to the mass balancing, the locomotives were approved for 90 mph and are said to have regularly reached 100 mph. When they later had to pull express freight trains, the maximum train load was set at 6,200 tons. Their service ended between 1951 and 1952.

Axle config4-8-4 (Northern) 
Gauge4 ft 8 1/2 in (Standard gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Wheelbase47 ft 9 in
Fixed wheelbase20 ft 9 in
Total wheelbase97 ft 11 in
Service weight460,270 lbs
Adhesive weight263,127 lbs
Total weight895,270 lbs
Axle load65,792 lbs
Water capacity24,000 us gal
Fuel capacity54,000 lbs (coal)
Power sourcesteam
Estimated power5,400 hp (4,027 kW)
Optimal speed54 mph
Top speed56 mph
Starting effort63,901 lbf
Power Plant
Driver diameter80 in
Boiler pressure275 psi
Expansion typesimple
Cylinderstwo, 27 x 30 in
Grate area97.8 sq ft
Firebox area568 sq ft
Tube heating area4,185 sq ft
Evaporative heating area4,753 sq ft
Superheater area1,425 sq ft
Total heating area6,178 sq ft
Calculated Values
steam locomotive
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