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Siemens Mobility Vectron DM
DB AG classes 248 and 249
Germany | 2019 | more than 235 produced
Vectron DM 248 004 as a Siemens demonstrator in February 2021 in Dresden
Vectron DM 248 004 as a Siemens demonstrator in February 2021 in Dresden
Rainer Haufe

With progressing development, it was possible to modify the Vectron DE into a dual-power locomotive. By reducing the diesel tank from 2,600 to 1,500 liters, a transformer could be accommodated under the locomotive's frame. Together with the pantograph and other electrical equipment on the roof, it is now possible to feed the traction converters from either the overhead line or the diesel generator.

The original Vectron Dual Mode is used as class 248 and has the same engine as the Vectron DE, which has since been discontinued. This means a gross engine power of 2,400 kW and a traction power of 2,000 kW. In electric mode, 2,400 kW are available for traction. The largest operators include the Paribus Group, DB Fernverkehr, ITL and Rheincargo, other locomotives are used in numbers of mostly just one or two locomotives by a whole range of smaller customers.

DB Cargo 249 003 with visible shunter platform at Innotrans Berlin 2022
DB Cargo 249 003 with visible shunter platform at Innotrans Berlin 2022
Nelso Silva

Since the DM with an axle load of 22.5 tonnes cannot be used on some sidings, the DM Light has been delivered in parallel since 2022 as class 249. In electric mode, the power fell only slightly to 2,210 kW and a Cummins QST 30-L delivers 950 kW, of which 750 kW arrive at the wheel. The result is an axle load of only 21 tonnes. With the DM Light, DB Cargo is replacing part of the former V 90 in shunting operations. Due to the lack of side windows, this got additional microphones and cameras and also shunting platforms, which increase the overall length. After the first series of 100 pieces for DB Cargo, there are still options for more than 200 pieces.

VariantDMDM LightDM Light (DB Cargo)
Builtsince 2019since 2022
Axle configB-B 
Gauge4 ft 8 1/2 in (Standard gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Length65 ft 6 7/16 in67 ft 3 1/16 in
Wheelbase44 ft 3 1/2 in
Fixed wheelbase8 ft 10 5/16 in
Service weight198,416 lbs185,188 lbs
Adhesive weight198,416 lbs185,188 lbs
Axle load49,604 lbs46,297 lbs
Power sourceelectric - AC + diesel-electric
Electric system15.000 V 16â…” Hz
Hourly power3,218 hp (2,400 kW)2,964 hp (2,210 kW)
Top speed99 mph75 mph
Starting effort67,443 lbf
EngineMTU 16V 4000 R84Cummins QST 30-L
Engine typeV16 diesel6-cyl. diesel
Fuel687 us gal396 us gal
Engine output3,218 hp (2,400 kW)1,274 hp (950 kW)
Power Plant
Calculated Values
electric locomotive
diesel locomotive
dual power
Siemens Vectron
last changed: 01/2023

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