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Light Diesel-Electric Shunters[Inhalt]
Austrian Federal Railways (BBÖ) class 2040/s
later class 2190
Austria | 1934 | 3 produced
2190.01 in May 1995 in Lunz am See
2190.01 in May 1995 in Lunz am See

The Ober-Grafendorf-Gresten local railway, also known as “Krumpe”, was a branch line of the Mariazell railway. For more efficient operation, the BBÖ ordered two small diesel locomotives from Simmering, which they delivered in 1934. In contrast to most locomotives of this size class, the power transmission was electrical, with the electrical part of the locomotives coming from the Siemens-Schuckert works. Two years later, a third locomotive was procured, which had a slightly more powerful motor.

The locomotives were mainly used to pull passenger trains. After the annexation of Austria in 1938, the three locomotives were run by the Reichsbahn as road numbers V 15 901 to 903. From 1953 they became class 2190 at ÖBB. The first two engines were retired in 1981 and 1983. The 01 was made operational again with parts of the 02 and has been running on the Ybbstalbahn since 1991. After it ran off on the mountain in 2018 and derailed, it is waiting for its repair. The 03 was decommissioned in 1969 due to its condition, but was put back into service in 1974 after being refurbished. It got a new motor in 1992, for which it is easier to obtain spare parts, and it still serves as a shunting locomotive in St. Pölten today.

Variant01, 0203
ManufacturerSimmering, SSW
Axle configB 
Gauge2 ft 5 15/16 in (Bosnian gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Length18 ft 9 3/16 in
Wheelbase7 ft 10 1/2 in
Fixed wheelbase7 ft 10 1/2 in
Service weight26,455 lbs28,329 lbs
Adhesive weight26,455 lbs28,329 lbs
Axle load13,228 lbs14,165 lbs
Power sourcediesel-electric
Top speed28 mph
Starting effort4,946 lbf5,620 lbf
EngineGMB 147/15GMB 147/18
Engine typeV8 diesel
Engine output117 hp (87 kW)129 hp (96 kW)
Power Plant
Calculated Values
diesel locomotive
narrow gauge
last changed: 06/2022

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