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Ethiopian Railway series M
Ethiopia | 1950 | 12 produced
2M in 1960 on the Holl-Holl Bridge
2M in 1960 on the Holl-Holl Bridge

To convert the Ethiopian railway to diesel locomotives, the Compagnie de Chemin de Fer Franco-Ethiopien de Jibuti à Addis Ababa originally planned to procure six double locomotives. These were to come from the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works in Winterthur, but the order was changed to twelve single locomotives. This number was originally to be divided into five express locomotives of the series V (voyageurs) and seven freight locomotives of the series M (marchandises). After the number of express locomotives had already been reduced to one, it derailed during the first test runs. Since it was concluded that higher speeds could not really be achieved with the meter gauge tracks that had been laid, this locomotive, like the other eleven, was ultimately handed over as a freight locomotive.

In order to still be able to use it in front of passenger trains, the power transmission had to be converted to a different ratio in the workshop with relatively little effort. As a result, top speeds of 65 or 90 km/h could be achieved with different tractive forces, as required. In order to comply with the maximum axle load of only eight tonnes, the bogies were each equipped with a carrying axle. The locomotives were specially equipped for operation in extremely different environmental conditions, from the coast to an altitude of over 2,300 meters and under dusty conditions. In addition to special air filters for the engine room and the cab, this also included a device for maintaining positive pressure in the interior to keep dust out. Since there are often obstacles in the form of animals or other objects on these routes, the front was designed to be particularly robust with a large cowcatcher. The carrying axles were removed from 1963 and the axle load increased to 12.5 tonnes, since the tracks had been reinforced in the meantime.

Variantlow gearhigh gearrebuilt - low gearrebuilt - high gear
ManufacturerSLM, BBC
Axle configA1A-A1A B-B 
Gauge3 ft 3 3/8 in (Meter gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Length36 ft 1 1/16 in
Wheelbase25 ft 9 7/16 in
Fixed wheelbase7 ft 2 5/8 in
Service weight111,113 lbs110,231 lbs
Adhesive weight74,075 lbs110,231 lbs
Axle load18,519 lbs27,558 lbs
Power sourcediesel-electric
Top speed40 mph56 mph40 mph56 mph
Starting effort21,582 lbf15,961 lbf21,582 lbf15,961 lbf
Engine6 VD 25 THTr
Engine type6-cyl. diesel
Engine output738 hp (550 kW)
Power Plant
Calculated Values
diesel locomotive
last changed: 02/2022

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