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Italian State Railway E.464 (Bombardier TRAXX P160 DCP)
Italy | 1999 | 717 produced
E.464.637 in June 2019 in Trieste
E.464.637 in June 2019 in Trieste
Andrzej Otrebski

As a light locomotive for passenger trains, ABB developed the E.464, which was partly based on the technology of the E.412 in a simplified form. Since they are only used to pull push-pull trains, the most striking feature of the locomotives is the lack of a second, fully equipped driver's cab. Instead, there is a gangway to the train and next to it an auxiliary driver's cab for shunting.

As with the E.412, it is powered by double star Dahlander motors. Together they achieve an hourly output of 3,000 kW, which drops to 2,350 kW when used under 1,500 volts. The locomotives have a regenerative brake that can feed electricity back into the grid. However, since the DC network of the FS is not designed to absorb power, regenerative braking can only be used when other locomotives are calling for power on the same section. The brake computer of the E.464 automatically checks this via the contact wire voltage and then decides whether braking energy can be fed back or must be dissipaded via braking resistors.

After the merger of ABB and the rail vehicle division of AEG, which belonged to Daimler Benz, production took place under the name of Adtranz and later Bombardier. Bombardier assigned the locomotives to the TRAXX family despite the lack of a technical relationship in the narrower sense and gave them the model designation P160 DCP.

After the first order for 50 vehicles, others followed until 2015, bringing the total number at FS or Trenitalia to 717, making the E.464 the most numerous class. They are mainly used in regional traffic in train compositions with control cars. Since 2019, some examples have also been used on long-distance trains in Sicily, with one locomotive at each end. In addition to FS, Ferrovie Emilia Romagna operates ten engines and Trasporto Ferroviario Toscano one.

ManufacturerAdtranz, Bombardier Vado Ligure
Axle configB-B 
Gauge4 ft 8 1/2 in (Standard gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Length52 ft 3 3/16 in
Wheelbase33 ft 5 3/16 in
Fixed wheelbase8 ft 8 5/16 in
Service weight158,733 lbs
Adhesive weight158,733 lbs
Axle load35,274 lbs
Power sourceelectric - DC
Electric system3,000 V, 1,500 V
Hourly power4,694 hp (3,500 kW)
Continuous power4,023 hp (3,000 kW)
Top speed99 mph
Starting effort44,962 lbf
Power Plant
Calculated Values
electric locomotive
Bombardier TRAXX
three-phase AC
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