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German Reichsbahn V 30 C
later class 199 and DB AG class 399
Germany | 1966 | only one produced
199 301 in February 1990 in Nordhausen
199 301 in February 1990 in Nordhausen
Werner & Hansjörg Brutzer

The one-off with the designation V 30 C was the prototype for a narrow-gauge locomotive that was developed for export in cape gauge (1,067 mm). The locomotive builder Karl Marx Babelsberg had received an order for 20 diesel locomotives from the Indonesian State Railways, the design of which first had to be tested on domestic routes. This resulted in a three-axle locomotive with a gauge of 1,000 mm, which could be used on the Harz routes.

An imported Maybach unit was used as engine, which was in the range of 300 hp and therefore led to the designation V 30. The export customer chose the designation C 300. The power transmission was also imported, using a torque converter from Voith. The locomotive showed good performance in the test runs from February 2, 1966, but the cooling systems were actually designed for operation in subtropical areas and had to be provisionally weakened for use in the heights of the Harz Mountains. In 1970, the Reichsbahn took over the engine for scheduled use, but the engine and gearbox were replaced with models from GDR production. The 6VD 18/15-A1 from the Schönebeck plant increased the output to 330 hp and a new gearbox from the Dresden turbine factory was used. The converted locomotive was first assigned to the class 103, but was soon renumbered 199 301 due to the new numbering scheme for narrow-gauge locomotives.

After a defect in the new engine in the 1980s, it received a naturally aspirated engine with only 220 hp, which significantly reduced its performance on mountain routes. Nevertheless, it remained in service and was renamed 399 130 by DB AG. There it was used for another three years until it was finally parked in a locomotive shed in 1997 and can still be found there today.

Variantas builtre-engined
ManufacturerLKM Babelsberg
Axle configC 
Gauge3 ft 3 3/8 in (Meter gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Length26 ft 10 13/16 in
Service weight66,139 lbs
Adhesive weight66,139 lbs
Axle load22,046 lbs
Power sourcediesel-hydraulic
Top speed19 mph
Starting effort21,806 lbf
EngineSchönebeck 6VD 18/15-A1
Engine type6-cyl. diesel
Engine output326 hp (243 kW)217 hp (162 kW)
Power Plant
Calculated Values
diesel locomotive
narrow gauge
last changed: 04/2022

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