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Krauss-Maffei ML 2200 C'C' and ML 3000 C'C'
German Federal Railway V 300, later class 230 and Yugoslav State Railway D 66, later class 761
Germany | 1958 | only one produced
V 300 001 before being redesignated as class 230
V 300 001 before being redesignated as class 230

After the Bundesbahn had carried out presentation tours with the V 200 in several countries in cooperation with Krauss-Maffei, the Yugoslav State Railways ordered a six-axle variant with a lower axle load in 1956. Following this, three locomotives were delivered with the manufacturer's designation ML 2200 C'C', with the number indicating the total output in hp

Like the V 200, the Yugoslav model was powered by two Maybach engines with twelve cylinders and 1,100 hp each. Due to the longer bogies and the greater distance between the pivots, the locomotive was almost two meters longer than the V 200. The space gained was used to increase the dimensions of the cooling system according to the climate in the customer's country. There the locomotives were first designated as the D 66 and became the class 761 in 1968.

After the three locomotives ordered, Krauss-Maffei built a fourth unit on their own account and did test drives first in Austria and then in the Black Forest. It was then converted to the ML 3000 C'C' in order to increase its power, increasing the top speed from 120 to 140 km/h and installing two engines with 1,500 hp each.

After lengthy tests on various routes with many inclines, the Bundesbahn leased the locomotive from January 1, 1963, which was followed by the purchase on April 17, 1964. Similar to the V 200, it was given the designation V 300 001 based on its power. In the 1960s, it was stationed in Hamm and used in front of various freight and express trains. In 1970, when it had already been renumbered 230 001, it hauled express trains on the marsh line from the mainland to Sylt. It was retired in 1975 and scrapped in 1980 after a stay in Italy.

VariantML 2200 C'C'ML 3000 C'C'
Axle configC-C 
Gauge4 ft 8 1/2 in (Standard gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Length66 ft 6 1/16 in
Service weight211,644 lbs229,280 lbs
Adhesive weight211,644 lbs229,280 lbs
Axle load35,274 lbs38,140 lbs
Power sourcediesel-hydraulic
Top speed87 mph
Starting effort71,714 lbf
EngineMaybach MD 12V 650Maybach MD 12V 538 TB10
Engine type2x V12 diesel
Engine output2,170 hp (1,618 kW)2,958 hp (2,206 kW)
Power Plant
Calculated Values
diesel locomotive
last changed: 03/2022

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