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Softronic Transmontana
Bulgarian State Railway class 480, Hungarian State Railways class 610 and Green Cargo class Mb
Bulgaria | 2010 | more than 60 produced
Transmontana with a crash-optimized front of the Magyar Magánvasút (MMV) in June 2018 in Kecskemét
Transmontana with a crash-optimized front of the Magyar Magánvasút (MMV) in June 2018 in Kecskemét

The Romanian company Softronic started the extensive modernization of old electric locomotives in 1999 and has been offering the first complete in-house development with the Transmontana since 2010. It is a six-axle freight locomotive, which was the first from Romania with a three-phase drive. It can be operated under 15.000 V and 25.000 V AC and has so far received certification for Romania, Hungary and Sweden. It is usually used in front of freight trains up to 3,000 tonnes. Starting with the 17th locomotive, which was presented at the Innotrans in Berlin in 2014, it has had a newly designed, crash-optimized front end.

Transmontana with original body design of DB Cargo Romania
Transmontana with original body design of DB Cargo Romania

The largest customer so far was DB Cargo Romania, which operates 17 vehicles. Smaller numbers were purchased by various Romanian, Hungarian and Slovakian operators. The Swedish Green Cargo ordered the first two locomotives in 2017 and has since placed further orders, so that by 2021 there were already 16 units. These were purchased because after the decommissioning of the Ma series locomotives, there were no longer any six-axle locomotives in stock. A number of 28 are already planned until 2023 and an option has been secured for ten pieces each over ten years. The newer locomotives also have ETCS and are to be used in Norway in the future as soon as they have been certified there.

Builtsince 2010
Axle configC-C 
Gauge4 ft 8 1/2 in (Standard gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Length67 ft 10 15/16 in
Service weight277,782 lbs
Adhesive weight277,782 lbs
Axle load47,399 lbs
Power sourceelectric - AC
Electric system15.000 V 16⅔ Hz, 25,000 V 50 Hz
Hourly power8,851 hp (6,600 kW)
Continuous power8,046 hp (6,000 kW)
Top speed99 mph
Starting effort97,792 lbf
Power Plant
Calculated Values
electric locomotive
three-phase AC
last changed: 10/2022

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