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Bombardier TRAXX 2E
German Federal Railway class 186, Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon Railway Re 486, Czech Railways class 386, Italian State Railway E,483 and Spanish State Railways class 253
Germany | 2006 | more than 600 produced
Broad gauge 253 063 of the Spanish RENFE in July 2014 in Sagunto
Broad gauge 253 063 of the Spanish RENFE in July 2014 in Sagunto
Mike1979 Russia
F140AC2 as SBB Re 482 043 in August 2019 in Ansbach
F140AC2 as SBB Re 482 043 in August 2019 in Ansbach

The biggest disadvantage of the TRAXX 2E was that electric and diesel variants could not be built with the same locomotive body. This resulted in the further developed generation 2E, in which there is an installation field for the power converter or diesel generator in the middle of the locomotive body. Only a multi-system and a pure DC variant were created. The latter is also used in broad gauge in Spain. The multi-system variant is used by a large number of operators in large parts of Europe. Depending on the country, a maximum speed of 160 km/h is possible with the further developed nose-suspended motors. The diesel variants are described in a separate article.

VariantF140 MS(2E)F140 DC
Axle configB-B 
Gauge4 ft 8 1/2 in (Standard gauge), 5 ft 5 11/16 in (Iberian broad gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Length62 ft 0 1/8 in
Wheelbase42 ft 7 13/16 in
Fixed wheelbase8 ft 6 3/8 in
Service weight187,393 lbs
Adhesive weight187,393 lbs
Axle load46,958 lbs
Power sourceelectric - AC/DCelectric - DC
Electric system15.000 V 16⅔ Hz, 25,000 V 50 Hz, 3,000 V, 1,500 V3,000 V, 1,500 V
Continuous power7,510 hp (5,600 kW)
Top speed99 mph
Starting effort67,443 lbf
Power Plant
Calculated Values
electric locomotive
Bombardier TRAXX
three-phase AC
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