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German Reichsbahn Heeresfeldbahnlokomotive HF 130 C
German Federal Railway class 329, German Reichsbahn class 1009, Austrian Federal Railways class 2092 and Czechoslovak State Railways T 36.0
Germany | 1938 | ca. 350 produced
Vs 51 of the Pinzgau local railway with a gauge of 760 mm in the Tischlerhäusl depot
Vs 51 of the Pinzgau local railway with a gauge of 760 mm in the Tischlerhäusl depot

Three different types of diesel locomotives were built for the Heeresfeldbahn, which had around 50, 130 and 200 hp and had two, three and four axles. The locomotives had an external frame and were developed in such a way that they could be built for different gauges or subsequently converted. The engines were all robust, non-turbocharged diesel engines designed for low-maintenance operation. While the smallest had mechanical power transmission and chain drive, the larger ones had hydraulic transmission and drive via jackshaft and coupling rods

With the three-axle HF 130 C, the power came from different 6-cylinder in-line engines that had between 120 and 130 hp. It was built ex works for gauges of 600 and 750 mm. Locomotives named HK 130 C were also developed for Africa for the Cape gauge of 1,067 mm used there, but due to the course of the war they were not used there and were then re-gauged to 600, 750 or 900 mm. After the war, many of the approximately 350 units built came to various narrow-gauge and factory railways in Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia. The last units built were delivered from Gmeinder to the Wangerooge island railway between 1952 and 1957. In Austria some were converted to the Bosnian gauge of 760 mm. To this day there are still many locomotives that are kept ready for use by the Rügen light railway or several clubs, for example.

ManufacturerO&K, Deutz, Gmeinder, Windhoff, Jung, BMAG
Axle configC 
Gauge1 ft 11 5/8 in, 2 ft 5 1/2 in, 2 ft 5 15/16 in (Bosnian gauge), 2 ft 11 7/16 in (Narrow gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Length17 ft 5 5/8 in
Wheelbase5 ft 10 7/8 in
Fixed wheelbase5 ft 10 7/8 in
Service weight36,376 lbs
Adhesive weight36,376 lbs
Axle load18,298 lbs
Power sourcediesel-hydraulic
Top speed19 mph
Starting effort11,016 lbf
EngineDeutz A6M 517, MWM S 117 S, Jung KS 130, Kaelble G 125 S, Kämper 6 D 12
Engine type6-cyl. diesel
Engine output129 hp (96 kW)
Power Plant
Calculated Values
diesel locomotive
narrow gauge
last changed: 03/2022

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