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French Northern Railway Crampton
No. 122 to 161, 165 to 170 and 1 to 12
France | 1849 | 58 produced
Locomotive Magazine, November 1967

The Cramptons of the Nord comprised a total of 58 locomotives, which, like almost all French Cramptons, were built by Cail. They had outside cylinders that were raised and inclined. The bearings were generously sized to reduce wear at high speeds. The wheels on the first leading axle were visibly larger than those on the second and also had to carry a significantly higher load.

As a rule, they pulled twelve coaches and sometimes up to 16, each of which only weighed eight tons. Four batches were delivered between 1849 and 1859, most of which had a driving wheel diameter of 2,100 mm (6 ft 10 11/16 in). Only numbers 134 to 145 from 1853 had wheels of 2,300 mm (7 ft 6 9/16 in) and a higher boiler pressure to compensate. Numbers 165 to 170 from the last batch were the first locomotives in France to have Walschaerts valve gear.

Variant1849 variant1853 variant1859 variant
Axle config4-2-0 (Crampton) 
Gauge4 ft 8 1/2 in (Standard gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Wheelbase16 ft 0 1/2 in14 ft 9 3/16 in15 ft 7 3/16 in
Fixed wheelbase16 ft 0 1/2 in14 ft 9 3/16 in15 ft 7 3/16 in
Empty weight57,100 lbs
Service weight63,714 lbs65,257 lbs64,154 lbs
Adhesive weight23,369 lbs27,778 lbs
Total weight104,940 lbs
Axle load23,369 lbs27,778 lbs
Water capacity1,876 us gal
Fuel capacity4,409 lbs (coal)coal
Power sourcesteam
Estimated power255 hp (190 kW)268 hp (200 kW)
Optimal speed26 mph25 mph26 mph
Top speed75 mph
Starting effort6,290 lbf6,400 lbf6,622 lbf
Power Plant
Driver diameter82.7 in90.6 in82.7 in
Boiler pressure102 psi113 psi109 psi
Expansion typesimple
Cylinderstwo, 16 9/16 x 22 1/16 intwo, 16 9/16 x 21 5/8 in
Grate area15.6 sq ft13.7 sq ft14 sq ft
Firebox area75.3 sq ft710.4 sq ft66.2 sq ft
Tube heating area984 sq ft341.3 sq ft934.6 sq ft
Evaporative heating area1,059.4 sq ft1,051.7 sq ft1,000.8 sq ft
Total heating area1,059.4 sq ft1,051.7 sq ft1,000.8 sq ft
Calculated Values
steam locomotive
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