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Austrian Federal Railways (BBÖ) ET 10
Austrian Federal Railways class 4041
Austria | 1928 | 8 produced
Original state with six axles
Original state with six axles
Die Lokomotive, March 1931

The eight railcars of the ET 10 series were manufactured by Krauss in Linz from 1928 for use on the Salzkammergut Railway and on the valley sections around Innsbruck. For cost reasons and to keep maintenance low, electrical components from the class 1170 electric locomotives were used. With two traction motors per car, an hourly output of 500 kW was achieved, but this resulted in an axle load that was too high for some routes. For this reason, an additional carying axle was built into each bogie, resulting in the wheel arrangement 3-A1A. The approximately 20.5 meter long cars held 62 passengers and reached a speed of 80 km/h with nose-suspended motors.

Four-axle 4041.05 in 1984 at the ÖBB open day
Four-axle 4041.05 in 1984 at the ÖBB open day

With the integration into the Reichsbahn they became ET 83 01 to 08, from 1953 they were given the number 4041.01 to 08 by the ÖBB. With the increase in the permissible axle load, the middle axles were removed from the bogies and the wheel arrangement 2-B was created. Multiple controls were also installed during repairs and the front sides were redesigned. In the 1950s they were used as a shuttle train in Vienna, where the railcars ran “wrapped” between passenger cars, but were soon replaced by electric locomotives. The vehicles were decommissioned in 1973 and three were retained as preheating systems for the Floridsdorf repair shop. Thanks to this fact, they were later restored and one example could be used for special trips until the end of the 1990s.

Manufacturermechanical part: Krauss Linz, electrical part: ELIN
Axle config3-A1A 
Gauge4 ft 8 1/2 in (Standard gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Length67 ft 3 7/8 in
Wheelbase53 ft 7 5/16 in
Fixed wheelbase10 ft 2 1/16 in
Empty weight160,276 lbs
Service weight171,519 lbs
Adhesive weight66,139 lbs
Axle load33,069 lbs
Power sourceelectric - AC
Electric system15.000 V 16⅔ Hz
Hourly power671 hp (500 kW)
Continuous power553 hp (412 kW)
Top speed50 mph
Power Plant
Calculated Values
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