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Virginian class AG “Blue Ridge”
United States | 1945 | 8 produced
No. 900 in May 1946 in Roanoke, Virginia
No. 900 in May 1946 in Roanoke, Virginia
collection Taylor Rush

Four years after the delivery of the first class H-8 Allegheny locomotives to the Chesapeake & Ohio, the Virginian ordered eight units, which differed little from their prototype. Both classes can therefore be described as the most powerful steam locomotives of all time, which required a three-axle trailing bogie due to their extraordinarily large firebox. Since the C&O had named their locomotives after the mountain range to be crossed, the Virginian's locomotives were named after the Blue Ridge Mountains. External distinguishing features were only the slightly lower sand domes and other proportions on the tender. The AG was also manufactured near Lima in Ohio.

When the engines were delivered, the Virginian had major problems because the Chesapeake & Ohio did not want any other locomotives with such a high axle load to run on their own network. According to rumors, the C&O itself was not aware of the high axle load of the H-8, as this had been increased several times during development. This subsequently led to the inspection of all affected bridges and cost Lima several million dollars. Later, however, the locomotives adapted for the Virginian were again used as the basis for a second delivery to the C&O in 1948. At the Virginian, the machines were already retired by 1955 and scrapped by 1960.

Axle config2-6-6-6 (Allegheny (Mallet)) 
Gauge4 ft 8 1/2 in (Standard gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Wheelbase62 ft 6 in
Fixed wheelbase11 ft 10 in
Total wheelbase112 ft 11 in
Service weight753,000 lbs
Adhesive weight495,000 lbs
Total weight1,195,000 lbs
Axle load82,500 lbs
Water capacity26,500 us gal
Fuel capacity50,000 lbs (coal)
Power sourcesteam
Estimated power7,500 hp (5,593 kW)
Optimal speed43 mph
Starting effort110,211 lbf
Power Plant
Driver diameter67 in
Boiler pressure260 psi
Expansion typesimple
Cylindersfour, 22 1/2 x 33 in
Grate area135.3 sq ft
Firebox area762 sq ft
Tube heating area6,033 sq ft
Evaporative heating area6,795 sq ft
Superheater area2,922 sq ft
Total heating area9,717 sq ft
Calculated Values
steam locomotive
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