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General Electric U28B, U28C, U30B, U30C, U33B and U33C
United States | 1965 | 1,642 produced
U30B of the Chesapeake & Ohio in June 1987 in Atlanta, Georgia
U30B of the Chesapeake & Ohio in June 1987 in Atlanta, Georgia
Roger Puta

While EMD and ALCO offered 3,000 hp diesel locomotives as early as 1965, GE delivered some U25Cs uprated to 2,750 hp. The first six-axle U28C with 2,800 hp were delivered in November 1965 and the first four-axle U28B in January 1966. In the same year the power was increased to 3,000 hp, which led to the U30B and U30C. The 3,300 hp U33B arrived in December 1966, while the U33C did not follow until 1968.

The first U28s were visually similar to the U25, but changes such as the shortened front hood were only introduced later. The U30B and U30C were able to reach a total of almost 900 units because EMD's production was at capacity. The U33C also made it to 375 units. The Southern Pacific accounted for 212 U33Cs. Of the U30C, 180 went to the Burlington Northern and 150 to the Union Pacific

For use with passenger trains, the Santa Fe ordered ten U28CGs, which were externally similar to the U28C. This was possible because there was already a place reserved for the steam generator. The water required for this was made possible at the expense of a smaller fuel capacity. The six U30CGs also went to the Santa Fe. They now had a full-width car body. After derailments, the passenger variants were only used for freight service.

ManufacturerGeneral Electric
Axle configB-B C-C 
Gauge4 ft 8 1/2 in (Standard gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Length60 ft 2 in67 ft 3 in
Wheelbase45 ft 6 in54 ft 11 in
Fixed wheelbase9 ft 4 in13 ft
Service weight252,000 lbs254,800 lbs363,000 lbs363,600 lbs
Adhesive weight252,000 lbs254,800 lbs363,000 lbs363,600 lbs
Axle load63,000 lbs63,700 lbs60,500 lbs60,600 lbs
Power sourcediesel-electric
Top speed70 mph
Starting effort70,000 lbf91,650 lbf
EngineGE 7FDL-16
Engine typeV16 diesel
Fuel1,700 us gal (diesel)2,900 us gal (diesel)3,000 us gal (diesel)
Engine output2,800 hp (2,088 kW)3,000 hp (2,237 kW)3,300 hp (2,461 kW)
Power Plant
Calculated Values
diesel locomotive
GE Universal
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