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German Reichsbahn E 927
originally prussian EG 571 ab to 579 ab
Germany | 1923 | 9 produced
Builder's photo of Siemens-Schuckert-Werke
Builder's photo of Siemens-Schuckert-Werke

The E 927 was an electric locomotive for the Silesian mountain routes, which the Prussian State Railways ordered before the First World War. Due to the war, they were not put into operation until 1923, when the Deutsche Reichsbahn already existed. Their original designation was EG 571 ab to EG 579 ab, with the “ab” indicating that they were double locomotives.

The specifications stipulated that the locomotive should be able to pull 1,200 tonnes at a gradient of one percent and 500 tonnes at two percent, and at the same speeds that the steam locomotives of the time could reach. In order to meet these requirements, the then still new technology of the axle bearing single axle drive was used.

Both halves of the locomotive had a driver's cab in the middle, in front of which was a narrower hood with a transformer and other equipment. This arrangement restricted visibility considerably, since the driver could only look past the hood through narrow windows. Behind the driver's cabs were luggage compartments, which also contained some electrical equipment. The transition between the locomotive halves was closed with bellows.

In use on the Silesian Mountain Railway, the machines proved themselves despite the many gradients of up to two percent and tight curve radii of up to 184 meters. In February 1945 they were moved to Central Germany because of the approaching Soviet troops. After the war, eight of the nine examples came to the Reichsbahn, where they initially had to be handed over to the Soviet Union. After six returned, they were used until 1962.

Variantas builtenhanced top speed
Manufacturermechanical part: Linke-Hofmann, electrical part: SSW
Axle configC+C 
Gauge4 ft 8 1/2 in (Standard gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Length56 ft 8 3/8 in
Service weight251,327 lbs
Adhesive weight251,327 lbs
Axle load41,888 lbs
Power sourceelectric - AC
Electric system15.000 V 16⅔ Hz
Hourly power1,140 hp (850 kW)
Continuous power1,033 hp (770 kW)
Top speed31 mph37 mph
Starting effort46,311 lbf
Power Plant
Calculated Values
electric locomotive
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