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Finnish Railway series Sm3 and Sm6
Finland | 1995 | 22 produced
Sm6 Allegro
Sm6 Allegro

The Finnish State Railway's Sm3 is a broad-gauge variant of the Italian ETR 460, which is adapted to the Finnish climate. It is designed for a temperature range of -40 to 35°C. The Sm3 also has hydraulic tilting technology, but only reaches 220 km/h and only consists of six cars. 18 sets were created that are used on different lines. When the last sets were delivered in 2006, travel times in some parts of Finland had decreased significantly. The option for five more did not come to be.

Instead, four seven-car Sm6 were built in 2010, which were used as “Allegro” between Helsinki and Saint Petersburg. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the connection continued to operate for just over a month to make it easier for Russian citizens to get into the EU. A few months later, the trains were written off without being assigned a new area of operation. After the Ukrainian Railways initially expressed interest in the four trains in March 2023, it became known in December that VR wants to use them again from 2025 on domestic services.

ManufacturerFIAT, Alstom
Axle config1A-A1+1A-A1+2-2+2-2+1A-A1+1A-A1 1A-A1+1A-A1+2-2+2-2+2-2+1A-A1+1A-A1 
Gauge4 ft 11 13/16 in (Russian broad gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Length521 ft 3 7/8 in606 ft 3 9/16 in
Empty weight723,115 lbs932,554 lbs
Adhesive weight252,209 lbs
Axle load31,526 lbs
Power sourceelectric - ACelectric - AC/DC
Electric system25,000 V 50 Hz25,000 V 50 Hz, 3,000 V
Continuous power5,364 hp (4,000 kW)7,376 hp (5,500 kW)
Top speed137 mph
Power Plant
Calculated Values
long distance
high speed train
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