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Santa Fé class 3400
United States | 1919 | 50 produced
Nr. 3421 in the Thirties in Fort Madison, Iowa
Nr. 3421 in the Thirties in Fort Madison, Iowa
Robert Graham / collection Taylor Rush

The class 3400 were the last Pacifics that the Santa Fe purchased. After many experiments had been attempted at the beginning of the century, these were now relatively simple machines with a simple two-cylinder engine. While the number of tubes in the boiler was based on the USRA Heavy Pacific, the firebox was only about the size of the Light Pacific

Between 1936 and 1947, 44 of the 50 locomotives underwent a major rebuild. In addition to an oil-fired boiler and combustion chamber, they received a new, integrally cast frame. There were also now Boxpok drivers with a diameter of 79 instead of 74 inches, which ran in roller bearings.

Since the rebuilt locomotives were significantly more powerful, their lives were extended. As they were increasingly less needed for express service, they were more and more often used with freight trains. The retirements finally took place between 1950 and 1955. Five have been preserved, of which only 3415 had been operational since 2009 and is currently waiting for its scheduled 15-year overhaul.

Variantas builtrebuilt
ManufacturerBaldwinSanta Fé
Axle config4-6-2 (Pacific) 
Gauge4 ft 8 1/2 in (Standard gauge)
Dimensions and Weights
Wheelbase34 ft 3 in
Fixed wheelbase13 ft 8 in
Total wheelbase72 ft 1 in
Service weight300,950 lbs338,900 lbs
Adhesive weight179,550 lbs205,100 lbs
Total weight534,670 lbs735,326 lbs
Axle load61,350 lbs70,800 lbs
Water capacity12,000 us gal20,000 us gal
Fuel capacity32,000 lbs (coal)7,000 us gal (oil)
Power sourcesteam
Estimated power2,800 hp (2,088 kW)
Optimal speed44 mph
Starting effort40,203 lbf41,424 lbf
Power Plant
Driver diameter74 in79 in
Boiler pressure200 psi220 psi
Expansion typesimple
Cylinderstwo, 25 x 28 in
Grate area66.8 sq ft
Firebox area269 sq ft329.6 sq ft
Tube heating area3,840 sq ft2,999.4 sq ft
Evaporative heating area4,109 sq ft3,329 sq ft
Superheater area980 sq ft917 sq ft
Total heating area5,089 sq ft4,246 sq ft
Calculated Values
steam locomotive
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